Saturday, April 7, 2007

One week later....what's changed?

Brooke went to heaven, and we celebrated her life one week ago.... All of us are grieving in our own way. Thank you for allowing me to share all that I have been sharing. Each email, each TYF card takes one more brick off...and tons left to go..

So what has changed?
It takes me longer.
It takes me longer to get out of bed, I spend more time thanking God for the ordinary
It takes me longer to hug Caroline in the morning realizing it may be the last
It takes me longer to fuel up the truck.... I always see somebody that needs to hear the TYF Story
It takes me longer to drive to work, I am pulled over by God to share
It takes me longer to get through the Grocery Store
It takes me longer to do my work out in the morning.
It takes me longer to work in the yard, neighbors are out and God wants me to share.
Life's ordinary moments are clearly extraordinary....and it takes me longer.
So what if I'm late
so what if I'm slower, less productive in the world's eye.
It's not about me, it's All about God
Thank you Brooke for the amazing gift of the Thank You Fairy!