Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Are you gonna Hug me?

We've had the most amazing experiences sharing the Thank You Fairy story with people that we come in contact with.... Here's another great story.

This past weekend, Caroline and I were doing our Saturday morning shopping after our workout and the store was empty at 8:00 A.M. We went about getting things and over by the milk, a very nice black woman was there and I noticed that she let out a big "sigh"... kind of like saying... oh boy, more work to do... She wasn't upset, just tired... God put me on the job....

As I walked over, Caroline caught up with me and I gave this woman the Thank You Fairy story... She listened with the most attentive eyes, it was a stolen moment. She soaked in every word, and like always, when I got to the point of thanking her for what she does and nobody notices....except the Thank You Fairy and God, you could see the tears in her eyes....

I finished and she went about thanking me and reading the card.... then she looked right at me and said.... "you gonna hug me or what"? It was one of those Mom kinda demands that you have to do nomatter how old you are... so I hugged her, Caroline hugged her and Jesus hugged all of us along with Brooke up there in heaven.

As I walked down the isle to check out, tears welled up, knowing that Brooke saw it all, and was cheering for us...

You know it's God when you walk up to a stranger, share a story in 60 seconds, she demands that you give her a hug and everyone cries tears of Joy.

Thank you God and Thank you Brooke.


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